Trim Chopper Rebuilds

Precision Trim Chopper Rebuilds

Trim cutters and choppers have a micro-adjustment for the bed knife and a specially ground rotating knife to provide a progressive impact shear cut action. In a progressive impact shear cut, the rotating blades are slanted so the cutting point between the rotating and fixed knives moves progressively from one end to the opposite end. These trim chopper/cutters are especially suited to cut extremely thin, flexible materials.

The trim chopper cutting process requires the rotating knife edge to clear the bed knife edge by less than .0005”. This eliminates any metal to metal wear on the knives, but requires very precise edges on the knives and a stable bearing arrangement. The correct rated bearing must be used to fit the application.

Trim chopper rebuild is a critical application that requires precise units that meet OEM specifications. Valley Grinding's Trim Chopper Rebuild service offers the precision, experience, and expertise your business needs for optimal performance, with the outstanding customer service you expect from Valley Grinding.

 Valley Grinding delivers a precise product on time and has friendly people to work with.  

- Dustin - Norka Inc.

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