Tidland by Maxcess

Tidland by Maxcess OEM

If you need the sharpest Tidland by Maxcess top slitters, score slitters or bottom blades for your equipment, Valley Grinding and Manufacturing can help.

You can rely on our 30 years of expertise to manufacture, sharpen, regrind, service and repair blades and rebuild Tidland holders, all made in the USA. We clean, inspect, calibrate and replace standard wear parts for Class I, Class II and Class III Tidland blades in a variety of materials, including steel, D2 alloy, powdered metal, super alloy, ceramic coated and carbide. And we can accommodate your exact specifications with multiple inner dimensions, outer dimensions, blade sizes, thicknesses, critical angles and blade profiles.

Valley Grinding and Manufacturing is a certified Supplier and Manufacturer of Tidland OEM branded Class I, Class II, and Class III score slitters blades, top slitter blades, and dished-top top slitter blades. We offer a wide range of Tidland blade sizes and edge options, including Tidland Flat Slitters, Tidland Double Cutting Edge Blades, Double Bevel Blades, and many more specifications.

TIdland products are known for precision, durability, and quality. Valley Grinding and Manufacturing is a proud carrier and supporter of Tidland industrial blades, slitters, and knives.

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Need to Sharpen Tidland Blades? See Our Sharpening Page to Learn More!

Count on increased productivity and reduced operating costs with our three-day grinding service and cross-country pickup and delivery for your Tidland equipment. With our fully-integrated SAP inventory management and auto-replacement programs, as well as expedited shipping availability, you’ll have your Tidland products exactly when and where you need them.

We manufacture, service and stock hundreds of Tidland OEM parts and are the most experienced Tidland provider in the United States. If you need a Tidland product with a custom radius or angle, our expert technicians can work with you to get the exact specifications you need to meet your goal…all at no charge. 

We’re Skilled in Working with Tidland Products, Including:

  • Dished Top Knife Blades
  • Score Slitters and Blades
  • Top  Slitters and Blades (Flat, Double-bevel, D2 & M2)
  • Bottom Blades
  • Knife Holders
  • Safety Accessories for Knife Holders and Blades
  • Knife Rings, Slitter Shafts and Trim Chutes
  • Class I, Class II, Class III, Performance Series and E-series

Tailored Applications for Your Industry

To accommodate the specific needs of your manufacturing process, we are specialists in working with Tidland products for the following industries.
  • Converting, Film and Foil
  • Paper and Printing
  • Tissue
  • Pouching
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Plastic Film and Sheets
  • Nonwovens
  • Food Processing
  • Metals
  • Coating and Laminating
  • Recycling
  • Textiles
  • Tire and Rubber
  • Battery
  • Medical and Clean Room
  • Specialty, including custom systems and solutions
Take a look at the Tidland products we manufacture and services or contact us for a no-charge consultation.

 Valley Grinding delivers a precise product on time and has friendly people to work with.  

- Dustin - Norka Inc.

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