Mario Cotta OEM

Mario Cotta OEM

For more than 100 years, Mario Cotta blades have been used in the paper, converting, tissue and nonwoven industries. They are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of slitter systems, knife holders and knife blades…and Valley Grinding and Manufacturing is a premium supplier and servicer of their cutting products and systems.

Our goal is to keep these exceptional blades sharp and promptly available for your specific industrial cutting applications. We have access to more than 100 types of Mario Cotta products and systems to give you the versatile range of cut sizes and dimensions you need.

Holder rebuilds, service and blade grinding are key areas of our expertise. Our close relationship with Mario Cotta gives us a deep understanding of how to get your blades, holders and systems to optimal performance.

We sell Mario Cotta systems and offer full-service OEM rebuilds of their products. Our full-service OEM knife holder and trim/recycling programs and our slitter management programs create efficiency and cost savings for your value chain.

Our in-house experts can help you determine the best blade materials, critical dimensions and cut angles so you get the cut you need. This ensures you can decrease costly downtime while maximizing precision and quality. Our extensive technical knowledge of Mario Cotta products can also help decrease dust that can interfere with the intended use of your final product.

Many of our service technicians come from roles just like yours—purchasing and using blades on the manufacturing floor. So they have extensive knowledge of how to work with the materials you’re cutting…particularly with the Mario Cotta product line.

Mario Cotta Products We Sell and Service

  • Bottom Knives, including Expando Bottom Bands, multi-groove bottom knives, double cutting edge knives and carbide bottoms
  • Circular flat knives, circular score cutters, guillotine knives
  • Flat, double-bevel, D2, M2 and dished top slitters
  • Knife holders, including tiny, PPSJ, PPS, Gold, PPMS, PPL, Platinum and Silver Elite
  • Score and razor holders, including Mario Cotta’s Lisa, Rocky and PPMSP
  • System trim Kobe
  • Safety accessories for knife holders and blades
With three-day grinding service, fully-integrated SAP inventory management and auto-replacement, you can be assured that your Mario Cotta blades are always available when you need them.

Whether paper, plastic, film, flexible packaging, nonwovens or pouching, we can help you get the best cut you need with the Mario Cotta products you use in your manufacturing process.

Contact us to find out more about how our Mario Cotta OEM products, services and systems can keep your equipment cutting at its best.

 Valley Grinding delivers a precise product on time and has friendly people to work with.  

- Dustin - Norka Inc.

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