Capabilities List

Turning up to 18.5” Diameter x 27” long
Milling up to 20” x 40” x 26.5”
Precision Surface Grinding up to 28” x 29” x 144”
Precision Surface Grinding 16” x 32”
Knife Grinding up to 6” x 240”
Twin Bed Knife Grinding
Round Grinding up to 24” Diameter x 10”
Precision OD Cylindrical Grinding 12” x 32”
Sawing, Honing, Lapping
Laser Etching

Valley Grinding Manufacturing Guage Placeholders Industrial Blades and Knives
Valley Grinding Manufacturing Micro Vu MFG Industrial Blades and Knives

Quality Control 

Our Micro-Vu Excel 502HC measurement center has a 16” x 20” table with height measurement up to 10” and uses touch probes and vision to measure many different part features.  Accurate to .00003 of an inch and allows us to measure and see cutting edge quality without touching the edge.  The Micro-Vu can import and export CAD files to speed up the inspection and reverse engineering processes.  Also on hand are height gauges, calipers (up to 40”), micrometers (up to 16”), bore gauges (.5” to 24”), granite surface plates (up to 48” x 96”), profilometer for checking surface roughness, Rockwell hardness tester, as well as other gages and hand tools.

Metallurgy & Application Solutions

Based on your application, we can recommend various types of tool steels, to help enhance performance, longevity, and cut quality for all your cutting applications.  We work with customers on R&D trials to determine the "best fit" scenario.  

Valley Grinding Manufacturing Bottoms MFG Industrial Blades and Knives
Valley Grinding Manufacturing Knurl MFG Industrial Blades and Knives

Made to Order Product Lines

VG&M offers a complete range of made to order knives and machined parts to match any and all of your specifications.  Our CAD department uses 3D software to work with your drawings, best if provided as .DWG/.DXF or an .IPT 3D model accompanied with an .IDW/.DWG drawing.  For situations when a drawing is not available, send us a sample of the part and we will reverse engineer it to create a drawing.  Please contact your sales representative for more information.

Whether it's a split bottom band or a carbide inlaid sheeter knife, VG&M has all the tools to meet your needs.  On top of that, we also inventory a wide range of knives.  Check out our catalog or contact a member of our Inside Sales team to inquire about availability!  

 Valley Grinding has provided us great service for many years at great pricing. Their products are basically the same as if they came from the OEM. The service they provide is stand out from others, weekly pick up and fast turnaround on returns. When I need anything it’s a phone call away. Great service great products.  

- Jim - Menasha Packaging York PPS 

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