1. FAQs

    At Valley Grinding, it’s our goal to ensure that all of our customers are knowledgeable and aware of exactly what we do. This not only allows us to share our 30 years of industry knowledge with you, it also allows us to demonstrate just how high quality our sharpening and grinding services are.


    Here are a couple of Frequently Asked Questions that we receive a lot with new or existing customers. Whether you’ve got a question about our services lines, our FASTRACK expedited program, or our guarantee of quality, we’re here to help.


    Does Valley Grinding and Manufacturing offer pick-up and delivery services for blades and cutters?

    Yes! Depending on your location in the United States, we can provide weekly, bi-weekly, and/or monthly pick-up and delivery options.

    Valley Grinding's pickup and delivery services are flexible, fast, and reliable. Our pickup and/or delivery service is available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. If your inventory needs vary, our flexible delivery service can be customized to fit your unique needs.


    Learn more about our pick-up and delivery service.


    Is there a charge for pickup and delivery services?

    No, there is no additional pick-up/delivery fee. Speedy pickup and delivery services are a benefit of working with Valley Grinding.


    Valley Grinding and Manufacturing guarantees the highest quality products. How is it possible to guarantee quality in industrial manufacturing?

    At Valley Grinding, we have a fully-staffed Quality Control department that oversees and ensures only the absolute highest quality for our customers. We utilize Micro-Vu technology to gain insight into key performance indicators of your blades. We offer a full, 100% inspection of your blades and can be provided for all features of your blades and products.


    If you have further questions about the quality of sharpening and customer service from Valley Grinding, please feel free to contact one of our team members.


    What is Valley Grinding’s typical turnaround time on blade sharpening services?

    Typically, blades that are shipped to a VG&M facility can expect a turnaround time within three days. If you are utilizing our pick-up/delivery service, weekly turnaround time is typical.


    Need your blades sharpened faster? No problem! Visit our FastTrack page to learn more about expedited blade sharpening.


    How long does it take to have custom parts and blades manufactured by Valley Grinding and Manufacturing?

    Custom parts and blade orders can vary in production time depending on the specific products in your order. However, quantity does not affect lead-time. Most manufacturing of custom products is completed within six weeks.


    Need your parts sooner? Visit our FastTrack page to learn more about expedited manufacturing.


    What are Valley Grinding and Manufacturing’s payment terms?

    Terms may vary based on account. Generally speaking, our terms are 60 days, 1% net 10.


    What types of steel can be manufactured and/or sharpened at Valley Grinding and Manufacturing?

    We work with several families of metal, from carbide steels to tool steels, including powdered metals and various coatings.

    To learn more about the products VG&M offers, visit our product catalog. Or, learn about our blade sharpening services.

    What finishes can be achieved with Valley Grinding?

    Our grinds are below an RA of 4 on most edges. Mirror finish is possible, depending on material types. At Valley Grinding, we pride ourselves on customization and customer service, and we can customize a finish that is best for your operation or needs.

    Learn more about our services, or contact us today!

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