Why Sharpening Your Industrial Blades Will Reduce Your Costs

Industrial blades, especially core cutters, slitters, and razor blades, perform best when they are as sharp and precise as possible. In order to achieve the sharpest material cut, blade manufacturers use a variety of processes and sharpening techniques. 

Blade Sharpening Techniques by Application

Sharpening techniques vary for each type of blade application and depends greatly on the application and material the blade is used for. Core cutters and slitters, like the blades for Parkinson Technology’s Dusenbery equipment, are designed for converting, film, nonwovens, paper, laminate, foam, rubber, textiles, pressure sensitive tape, label stock and specialty materials industries. These types of circular blades vary in outer blade diameter, inner blade diameter, blade thickness and sharpness, and in specific cutting angle specifications. 

Over time and after many uses, industrial blades, slitters, and cutters can begin to dull and become less efficient than they were when they were new. This can make your production slower, final products much less precise and accurate, and lead to high production costs due to waste or improper specifications. While replacing blades is costly, dull blades that do not perform well is also costly. 

Valley Grinding and Manufacturing Saves You Money

At Valley Grinding and Manufacturing, our goal is to reduce your production costs and increase your machines’ productivity with our Three-Day Grinding and Blade Sharpening service. Our team has over 30 years of grinding and blade sharpening expertise, which means that we are able to meet your exact specifications and exceed your expectations. For every order, we clean, inspect, calibrate, and replace standard wear parts, ensuring that your blades are precise and as sharp as when they were brand new from the manufacturer. If you have exact specifications and custom angle or radius requirements, our expert technicians can work directly with you and get your customizations exactly right, every time, at no extra charge. Our Cross-Country Pickup and Delivery service sets us apart from our competition and saves you additional time and money.

Expedited Blade Grinding FAST

Need your blades FAST? We offer expedited services and even offer an auto-replacement program, ensuring that your industrial blades will never be dull or inefficient. 

Want to find a location near you? We have 4 locations around the country, and offer Pickup/Delivery services anywhere in the US. Our locations include:





Increase your machines’ productivity and reduce your production costs with regular Blade Sharpening and Grinding services by Valley Grinding and Manufacturing! 

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