Valley Grinding manufactures a wide variety of industrial high-quality slitters, bottom knives, custom industrial paper blades, roll splitters, specialty rotary slittter knives and support materials used by manufacturers and converters of paper, film and foil. Our products feature state of the art tool steels, carbide inlays and powdered metals.

Top Slitter Blades Shear Slitting Bottom Bands Carbide Inlay Bottom Bands
Tru-Fit Bands Razor Blades Industrial Sheeter Knives

VG products are superfinished, a process in which the cutting edge of each product is sharpened to tolerances well beyond that of conventional hand honing. Because of superfinishing, our products are sharper when you get them and will stay that way longer. Each Valley Grinding product also features a mirror finish which means they produce less friction during the cutting process. Dust production is reduced as well.

You will find that all Valley Grinding industrial knives and blades are designed to help your operation run more efficiently and smoothly, resulting in superior end products and better profit margin.

Bottom slitters manufactured from solid tool steel

Carbide inlay bottom slitters using fine grade carbide

Paper trimmers available in solid tool steel and high speed inlay

Carbide bottom and powdered metal top slitters ­ a combination of superior cutting technology

Powdered metal slitter knives featuring cryogenically treated edges for ultimate strength

Top slitters available in many AISI tool steels

Roll splitters available in solid tool steel and high speed inlay

Specialty knives including splicing, chopper and flyer knives and assorted anvils

Knife and blade support materials including a variety of cases and holders to protect Valley Grinding products during shipping and storage. We also provide gauges which ensure consistent knife and blade set ups.