Dienes is a top OEM brand for reliable, precise industrial cutting equipment for the nonwoven, tissue, paper, cardboard, plastic, film, foil, converting and tape industries, as well as medical, food and retail pouching and packaging. And our regrinding and service management programs ensure knives for your Dienes holders are always sharp and remain as precise as when they were brand new.

Valley Grinding manufactures, inventories and services OEM blades and knives and we can deliver them to you at your locations throughout the United States. With our inventory management service programs, you’ll have your blades at exactly the moment you need them.

Your OEM blades can be customized to the exact tolerances and specifications for your particular manufacturing process and product requirements. We even provide free consultation in selecting the best critical angles and dimensions for your particular cutting application. If you need a holder or slitting system advice, you can use our 30 years of industry expertise to help you choose the right tool for the job.

Your slitting and perforating processes can be perfected with our precision sharpening and service programs for Dienes products, including:

  • Shear Cut Knives
  • Score Cut Knives
  • Perforator Knives
  • Core Cut Knives
  • Straight Knives
  • Razor Cut Blades

Need to regrind blades for Dienes products? See our sharpening page to learn more.

Then view Valley Grinding & Manufacturing’s full product catalog or contact us today to request a quote!

 Valley Grinding delivers a precise product on time and has friendly people to work with.  

- Dustin - Norka Inc.

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